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“They key here is that we have to understand that we’re making a mistake in the way we’re thinking about the War. We keep thinking of it as their war, the Ukrainian’s War, the Ukrainians are fighting. We need to think of it as our war, Putin is waging war on The West.”-Max Boot, WashingtonContinue reading “Proxy”

The Scandinavian Gambit

The Turkish Military is preparing for another incursion deeper into Northern Syria. Ostensibly they are doing so to fight the Kurdish Insurgent/Terrorist organization the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party). If it goes forward, it will be just the latest attack launched by Turkey against the Kurds, which culminated in the first Turkish Incursion into Syria inContinue reading “The Scandinavian Gambit”

A Hot April Day

April 2011 was a hot and dry as it always was. I lived on top of a hill and below me sprawled Patrol Base Spirwan Ghar. I hiked down the dusty hill as I did every day for lunch, and headed for the temporary polling place, it was Election Day in this Canadian corner PanjwaiContinue reading “A Hot April Day”

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